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PLDT Dasmarinas Outage and Lack of Customer Care

PLDT Dasmarinas Outage happened at 7:30 am on Monday the 2nd July parts of Dasmarinas lost their internet, phone lines and Cignal TV.

At 5:00 pm a PLDT technician told us it would be reconnected in 30 minutes, however it was not reconnected and we are now being told it will take a week, when asked to explain why it would take a week to repair PLDT was unable to give an answer.

To add to the frustration of PLDT Dasmarinas customers when you phone PLDT hotline from a mobile phone you are unable to talk to a human being, all you get is a computer response, which if staff at PLDT business centre are to be believed despite many people phoning the Hotline repeated times, it failed to pass the fault onto PLDT technicians. If this is the case we have to ask what is the point of a hotline.

One of the staff at PLDT business centre when we visited on Tuesday Morning told us the reason it was takes PLDT so long to repair the internet is a shortage of staff.

If the problem is down to shortage of staff we would like PLDT to contact us and explain why they do not hire more staff, so the internet can be repaired in a reasonable time, of hours rather than days?

The staff in the morning told us they would send technicians by mid-afternoon on Tuesday, when any technicians failed to turn up or even contact us we revisited PLDT business centre only to be told it would take a week to repair.

When asked to explain why it would take a week to repair PLDT Dasmarinas staff were unable to give a reason for it taking so long, the member of staff phoned the technicians to ask the reason why it would take so long, but even after a phone call that lasted at least 20 minutes they were unable to tell her why it would take so long to repair.

It does seem that PLDT thinks their customers do not deserve any explanation to why they have to suffer with no TV, no phone and no internet for a week.

Having no TV inconvenience, having no internet can cost people money and could even get some people into financial trouble as many people in 2018 use the internet to pay their bills.

No telephone is a danger to life, if somebody becomes ill, have a heart attack or a stroke a telephone can save their life by being able to phone an ambulance, some older people do not have mobile phones and still rely on home phones for such emergencies.

If someone breaks into your house you need a phone to call for help.

It is our believe that in 2018 a country can not prosper with out good telecommunications, it is also well known that if a country is to attract investors the country needs good telecommunications. The PLDT Dasmarinas Outage is doing nothing to help the 2 points above.

Question for PLDT

Why does it take longer for you to repair problems with the internet than it does in other countries? It is a question our readers have asked us many times many, they tell us they have asked PLDT and never had an answer. If someone at PLDT could tell us the reason we would be happy to publish it for the benefit of your customers.

We suspect your customers in Dasmarinas would also like to know the reason why it is going to take a week to repair their internet and how you will compensate them for the inconvenience you have caused them. We feel 2 months free internet would be fair compensation.

Update 4:00 pm Wednesday 4th July: We asked a member PLDT Staff why it was still going to take a week to repair when repairs in the rest of the world are much quicker. Her reply was “Because this is the Philippines” I am not really sure what that means but it does not show the Philippines in a good light. 

Update 5:30 pm Wednesday 4th July: A miracle happened, after being told just 2 hours before it would take another week to repair it suddenly came back on. So was it not true that it would take a week for the repair, or were they telling the truth and a miracle happened and the cables repaired themselves.  

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