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PLDT Fibr is still slow, PLDT internet slow

After yesterday’s PLDT fibre cable breaks we are still getting reports from people saying PLDT is still slow. it has now been 30 hours since the problem was first reported. 

Latest update from PLDT

At 2:30pm 1st June we spoke to PLDT and they are now claiming the problem is a server in Cavite went down and needs to be restored. Why it takes so long to restore a server is yet another question PLDT needs to answer. 

When asked about cables being vandalised PLDT said they had not it is just a server needs to be restored.

We also asked them if there was problems in other areas of the country and they said it was just Cavite, we find this strange as it contradicts what they said on their Facebook page. 

They told us it is affecting 4,842 PLDT customers.

When asked if the 4,842 affected PLDT customers would get an automatic deduction of their bills for the time it was down PLDT said “No they will only get it if they apply” not sure how they justify this.  


What we know about the PLDT Cable break so far

PLDT Call Center told us they were first aware of a problem in the Cavite area at 7:00am on the 31st of May.

News sources reported that the problem was causing slow or no internet for users in Manila, Makati, Pasay, Laguna and Cavite.

Telco reported the problem was because of damage by vandals.

LTO reported the problem was because of cable breaks nationwide. 

LTO has said they can not issue license or insurance because of the disruption. 

Also reported by LTO was they expected the system to be restored by 8:00pm on the 31st of May. 

At 8:00pm people were still suffering slow or no connection.

PLDT call center staff ever do not know anything apart from there is a problem, or are unwilling to give customers anymore information apart from the technicians are working on it. 

PLDT did put out an advisory on their Facebook page, however people have been telling us they could not open Facebook because of the problem.  

PLDT Home Advisory
May 31, 2018

Customers in some areas of Manila, Makati, Pasay, Laguna and Cavite may experience difficulty using our voice and data services due to multiple fiber optic cable cuts caused by vandalism. We expect to normalize services later today. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


When a PLDT customer asked for the reason on PLDT Home page the reply was

PLDT Home Surely, the reason why the Cleveland Cavaliers are in the NBA Finals is because of LeBron James. 👑🏀 Let’s now find out if he can carry his team to another championship against the star-studded Golden State Warriors. Enjoy the series. 🙂

Oh, by the way, please send your specific concern with account details in our inbox and we’ll surely provide the assistance you need, Jowie. Thank you.

We will let you decide what you think of this reply. 

At 3:00am on the 1st of July things seemed to be working as normal. 

Later on the 1st of July our internet slowed down again and we started to hear the same from other people. 

What we don’t know about the PLDT Cable break

When it will be fixed.

How many Fibre cables were broken, reports on this seem to contradict each other they range from damage from vandals to breakages nationwide.

How many areas are affected, again reports contradict each other.

So bearing in mind the above we are still not sure what the problem is.

If it was down to vandals have the police caught anyone or are they still investigating the crime.

How much this has cost the Philippines. 

Will customers bills be reduced because of the outage.

We say to PLDT please give out more information your customers want answers, you are a public company not some top-secret organisation and the public and businesses should be kept informed, so far the lack of information being given by your call center agents is doing nothing but leaving customers frustrated.




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