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Product Review Union Glass Kettle UGCK-190 2,000w

I am very impressed with the Union Glass kettle UGCK-190. For less than a 1,000 peso it is a very stylish looking kettle that is very powerful.

The Union Glass Kettle UGCK-190 is available in Black or white but you might have to just take what colour the store has, I wanted the black they had on display, however they only had white in stock. The lack of stock stores hold in the Philippines is often very frustrating.

Union Glass Kettle reveiwWater capacity is 1.8 litres and the minimum amount of water you can boil is 0.5 litres which is a bit on the high side if you only want 1 cup.

The main body of the kettle is made of crystal-grade glass and it really does give it a modern stylish look, the handle, lid and base are made of plastic that does seem a bit on the cheap side, however they still feel sturdy enough for the job and you can’t expect top quality for less then 1,000 peso.

On switching on a blue light comes on in the bottom of the kettle giving it an attractive blue glow.

As soon as you turn it on you can hear how powerful it is and in no time at all it is roaring as it heats the water, the noise is one of the biggest draw backs of the kettle it really is very noisy.

With half a litre of water in the kettle it boils so fast that by time you put your coffee, sugar and creamer in the cup it is coming to the boil. I have to say it is probably the fastest boiling kettle I have ever had.

As long as you do not pour to fast the Union Glass kettle UGCK-190 pours very well, but if you pour to quickly the water does tend to run down the side of the kettle. The handle that Union claim is cool touch does feel a bit hot when pouring if you hold it close to the top.

It comes with the standard Automatic power shut off, and I am pleased to report that even if you fill it again straight after boiling you can still switch it on, unlike some kettles that you have to wait for them to cool.

It comes with a Cord-free with 360-degree swivel base that fits the kettle perfectly and under it you can clip the cord up to the length you want rather than having a lot of cord round your kitchen work top.

We have very hard water in our area and because of this you can see scale on the bottom and the glass of the kettle within a week. This is by no means the fault of the Union Glass kettle UGCK-190 this would be a draw back of any glass kettle in a hard water area. The good thing about being able to see it is it does make you clean it more so you avoid a build up of scale.

The kettle is very easy to clean and I found the scale came of easy by wiping it with a lemon, I suspect wiping it with kalamansi would work just as well. I did find it was a bit difficult to get my hand inside despite it being a big kettle because the lid does not open fully, my wife however found it easy, so that is my excuse to get her to clean it in future.

Overall I rank the Union Glass kettle UGCK-190 as a very good buy and a great product for the price and would recommend it.

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