Drunks do push-ups in philippines

Punishment for being drunk in the Philippines

New punishment for being drunk in the Philippines

The Punishment for being drunk in the Philippines is now being forced to do press-ups.

People arrested for being drunk in the Philippines are being made to do press-ups as part of a crackdown on street crime.

The street workouts by drunks are part of President Duterte’s crime crackdown.

Photos show hardline police making drunks perform press-ups in the street.

Punishment for being drunk in the Philippines

Photos have emerged showing boozers in the Philippines that are being forced to do press-ups in what is believed to be a police campaign to tackle street crime.
Senior Superintendent, Jemar Modequillo, chief of the Paranaque force, is seen supervising the Drunks as they were forced to undertake their late-night workouts in public.
The punishments are all part of a campaign named ‘RODY’ an acronym for Rid the Streets of Drinkers and Youths which is also the nickname of President Rodrigo Duterte.
Even the police are not immune from getting press-ups for being drunk.

Some people have said this is no more than a publicity stunt and is not a real solution to the many drunks on the streets of the Philippines. 

It is believed the drunks are made to do 60 press-ups each. 

So if you are planning to take advantage of the cheap drink in the Philippines or sample the renowned Red Horse beer, you might want to go to the gym and get fit for the punishment you could receive. 

Punishment for being drunk in philippines
Getting drunk in the Philippines could mean you get a punishment of sixty press-ups.


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