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Savemore Checkouts Why Are There So Few Open?

If your local Savemore is anything like mine there is normally long queues yet very few checkouts open.

If you are in a hurry it is so frustrating having to queue for a long time when there are so many checkouts closed.

In my local Savemore, there are 17 checkouts, yet it seems every time I go in there only 6 checkouts are open.

Yesterday I was in Savemore and I counted over 50 people queuing, there were 6 normal checkouts open, a senior citizens checkout open and a Prestige priority checkout.

The senior citizen’s checkout is always very slow, firstly because of the system of filling out a card for the senior citizens discount. Not sure why this is done in such an outdated way, surely in 2019 it could be computerised.

The girl on the Prestige priority checkout seems to do hardly anything as so few customers seem to have the Prestige Card. For me, it would make sense that if she has no Prestige customers she should call a customer over from another lane, or better still scrap the Prestige priority checkout and treat all customers the same.

I have complained about this many times as I could not see the logic in having 17 checkouts but only having a handful of them open even when there are long queues.

The supervisor at our local Savemore told me I am not the only one to complain, in fact, she said they get hundreds of complaints about having so few checkouts open. The supervisor seemed to be as frustrated about it as the customers, and said: “I keep telling management about the complaints, but they refuse to hire more than 6 checkout staff.”

False logic

We can only presume that if it is a case that they will not hire more checkout staff it is to save money on wages. While it might seem logical have they calculated in the fact that it will lose them, customers.

Because I am so sick of the long queues and the stores lack of concern for the customers, I rarely use Savemore anymore. I now chose to drive 5km to Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket is more expensive and it is 5 times the distance of Savemore but I can do my shopping quicker because I am not stood waiting at checkouts.

If it was not for the fact Savemore sells Tesco’s products I would never use Savemore again. I now go there once a month to buy the Tesco products I want, I refuse to buy anything else, as I feel they care so little about me as a customer I would rather spend my money somewhere else. I am not alone I know plenty of other people that say they try to avoid Savemore because of the time it takes to get served.

So is the logic of not employing more staff to man the checkouts saving them money or is it costing them money because it is losing them, customers?

Average Queue times at UK Supermarkets

Sainsbury’s – 1 minute and 40 seconds

Tesco – 1 minute and 51 seconds

Morrisons – 1 minute and 55 seconds

Waitrose – 1 minute and 59 seconds

Asda – 2 minutes and 14 seconds

From my experience, I find the queue time at my local Savemore is at least 10 minutes.

Often in UK supermarkets when queues start to form you will hear a call over the public-address system for staff too man more checkouts. The staff that fill shelves are trained on the checkout so at busy times they can be called to avoid queues getting long and customers getting annoyed. It might be a good idea for Savemore to do the same, then you could get queuing time down to that of the UK.

If your local Savemore is the same we would like to hear from you.

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