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Schools need to Save Children’s Lives by Teaching Road Safety

We know many will say that teaching road safety is the parents job, and normally we would agree with that but there is a problem which we will explain later.

Too many children die or get injured on Philippines roads

It seems nobody knows the true figure of how many children die on the roads in the Philippines.

After spending a lot of time searching for figures for road deaths or injuries for children in the Philippines, I am still unable to find any figures as there is no nationwide database on road crash statistics in the Philippines. I have found a few media sources that have had a try but I suspect their figures are far lower than the real figures, so I will not refer to them.

Within 1km radius of where I live it seems there is not a day go by without a life threatening road accident, most of them involve motorbikes, but a large number involve children that were walking. I suspect the same is true all over the Philippines.

Children leaving School

Drive past nearly any school when they turn out and you, will see children walking into the road without looking, standing in the road talking or playing, as they walk to or from school they walk in the road, or step off side-walks without looking, walk out between parked cars, ride bikes into the road again without checking. I am sure you have all seen this and much more.

Lack of Road Safety

I suspect most of them have never been taught even the basics of road safety, it seems like they never give it a thought.

The Parents should teach them Road Safety

While it is true it is the parents job to teach their children not the school, there is a major problem with that. The problem being the many parents know very little about road safety, watch the parents outside a school or taking their children to and from school, many are as bad as the children they do all the things the children do, like walking in the road even when there is a side-walk and not even at the edge of the road.

So how can a parent teach a child when many know so little about road safety?

Schools teaching road safety

While it might eat into the time for teaching other subjects such as Maths, English, Science etc. there is no point teaching children if they are going to die before they can benefit from what they have been taught, also a child’s life should come before any school subject.

One hour a week for about 3 months would be enough to drum road safety into a child and make them think when they cross the road.

Road Safety on TV

Road safety commercials are very successful in other countries and have been proven to reduce child accidents. When I was a child the TV had “Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again” adverts and still today I remember them, if you are British and a bit younger than me you will remember the “Green Cross Code” adverts.

Teaching Children Road Safety would make Roads Safer in the Future

When the children grow-up knowing the basics of road safety would make them better drivers. How many times do you see drivers in the Philippines just pull out without even looking? It is so common as is changing lanes without looking. I suspect the drivers that do that also cross the road without looking and wander around in the road. If they had looking before they cross the road drummed into them until it becomes automatic drummed into them as children it would also be automatic when they drive.

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