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British people are citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, people of the British Overseas Territories are also British as are people of the Crown dependencies.

They are sometimes wrongly refereed to as Britons, Britons were the people that inhabited Britain from the bronze age until the middle ages.

Great Britain is the main island of the British Isles and is part of Europe and will still be part of Europe even when it leaves the EU, as it is geographically part of Europe. If you have ever visited the Philippines you will have had a few locals ask you “which part of America is Britain” it is in no way part of America.

Great Britain is made up of 3 countries England, Scotland and Wales. The United Kingdom, made up of 4 countries England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Yes it is confusing if you are not British, because the United Kingdom is a country of countries. Great Britain is a geographical not a political term.

The main language of the People of Great Britain is English, England being the place where the English language developed into its current form. Many Filipinos seem to think the English language started in America, but the English language has been in England since the 5th century in the form of old English nearly 1,000 years before white men discovered America.