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Filipino is the name used for both the language and the people in the Philippines, but it is not that simple for a few reasons. There are over 100 languages and dialects in the Philippines, the Philippines Constitution declared Filipino the official language in 1987, but if you ask people from the Philippines what language they speak they will say Tagalog which is the language Filipino is based on. Others may say they speak another regional language. A census in 2000 found that just over 26 million spoke Tagalog, the same census said the population was 75.33 million.

The people call themselves Filipinos and most of the world use the word Filipino for the people of the Philippines, historically Filipino is not correct term.

While this website was designed as a source of information for British living in the Philippines, it has also become a source of information for Filipinos throughout the world.

We have had thousands of Filipinos contact us saying how much they like Brits in the Philippines articles on Philippines history, Filipino school and college students are using the site for research and the site has been acknowledged by an ex Philippines ambassador.

We hope that we can continue being of service to everybody that lives in the Philippines but we really need the help of the community if you have anything that you think would be of interest to people with an interest in the country please contact us.