NAIA Terminal
Michael Barry Tallent, 31, was arrested and detained on Thursday 11th of February for allegedly spitting on two airline employees. The American arrived at the airport late for his Philippine Airlines flight to Los Angeles and got angry when he discovered he was too late board the plane because the check-in counter for his flight was […]

American arrested at Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Map Of The Philippines
Philippines, 400 new islands discovered The Philippines is getting bigger, the 7,100 islands have grown to 7,500 after 400 new islands were discovered. More than 400 unknown islands in the Philippines have been found claim the country’s environment and mapping officials. The Environment Secretary revealed about the 400 extra islands in his speech at […]

400 new islands discovered in the Philippines

newton agham
Asif Ahmad the British Ambassador to the Philippines gave a message to the Philippines business  community, “Stop just replicating and franchising foreign discoveries and invest in research”. The Ambassador gave the message during the announcement of the recipients of the Newton Agham Science Programme. The Newton Agham fund was launched in April 2014, the […]

UK gives Filipino scientists P270 million in grants