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Philippines peso is the English, If you look on the notes you will notice it is spelt Piso which is the Filipino spelling. Before 1967 the notes had Peso on them, that is because at that time they were still in English. 

As you might expect the peso first came about because of the Spanish. The Spanish introduced the silver real de a ocho to the Philippines which already was known as the peso in much of the Spanish empire. 

At one time the coin was known as the Spanish-Filipino peso and was minted in Spain.  After the Philippine Declaration of Independence in 1898 the Philippines issued its own notes and coins. In 1903 America stepped in after winning the Philippine–American War declared the unit of currency to be based on 12.9 grains of gold which was half the value of the dollar. 

The Central Bank of the Philippines took over the money in 1949 and got Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited a British company to overprint the notes.