Balikbayan Box
The list of DTI accredited Balikbayan Box shippers that ship from the UK seems to get sorter all the time. This is not surprising as in the past many peoples boxes were not delivered and in some cases their items were discovered on market stalls. DTI accredited Balikbayan Box shippers in the UK […]

DTI Accredited Seafreight Forwarders and their UK Agents sending Balikbayan ...

Chinese Herbal Medicine Philippines Due to the extortionate cost of hospital treatment in the Philippines, Chinese Herbal Medicine can work out far cheaper and often have better results than hospital treatment. You can find Chinese Herbalists in some malls and some of them offer a consultation. I would say while […]

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Philippines

Philippines Traffic Violations
Philippines Traffic Violations Very few people in the Philippines seem to know the traffic laws, the locals seem to make up their versions of what they believe is the law to fit in with the way they drive. Knowing the Philippines Traffic Violations can be very useful if you are involved in an […]

Philippines Traffic Violations And Administrative Fees And Charges

same sex marriage philippines
Despite the fact that the Philippines is ranked as one of the most gay-friendly nations in the world,  when it comes to Same-sex marriage and civil partnership the Philippines does not offer any legal recognition to same-sex marriage, civil unions or domestic partnership benefits. However if one of you are British you may be […]

Same-sex marriage and civil partnership in the Philippines

getting married in the Philippines
Getting married in the Philippines Please take extreme care when getting married in the Philippines, a lot of marriages are not legal because people take short cuts or unknowingly miss parts of the process. Our advice if you are getting married in the Philippines is do your own research, do not […]

Getting married in the Philippines: British – Filipina

Balangkayan New people'a army
New People’s Army raid Balangkayan police station Around 30 members of the NPA (New People’s Army) raided a police station in Balangkayan, Eastern Samar Monday evening, and got away with several weapons. None of the 5 policemen at the police station were harmed during the raid. The raid happened at about 7pm and lasted about 30 minutes, […]

New People’s Army raid police station

gun smuggling USA philippines
The Philippines Bureau of Customs has reported that they confiscated gun parts at a port in Cagayan de Oro while investigating possible smuggling from the USA. The Intelligence Group of the Bureau of Customs at the seized barrels of Caspian and Glock, spring, butt stock, hand grips and Magpul magazines for M4 rifles, […]

Gun parts from USA are being smuggled into the Philippines

Tondo fire
Tondo Fire Destroys over 100 Homes  It is reported that a fire in Tondo Manila has destroyed over 100 homes.  The fire started in the early hours on Sunday the 28th of February.  Residents have been evacuated to barangay halls in Balot. It is thought the fire started from faulty electrical wiring. It has been […]

100 houses destroyed by fire in Manila’s Tondo district