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You will often hear people say that Filipinas make a great wife, while there is some truth in this it does not mean they all will make you a great wife. 

As in all countries there are good and bad ones, just because they are Filipina it does not mean they will automatically become a good wife. 

If you have spent any amount of time in the Philippines you will have come across many disaster stories, such as the wife just trying to get all her husbands money. This is often not down to the wife but her giving in to pressure from her family that see you as a walking ATM machine. While it is a good thing they are close to their family be aware of the ones that put their family before you, if this happens remind her that you are her family now. 

If you do find a good woman see will take care of you probably far better than most women in the west would and she will be loyal and stand by you even in times of hardship. 

Our advice is if you are thinking of marrying a Filipina be very careful and do not rush into it.