Tatlong Krus

Tatlong Krus (Three Crosses) Paete, Laguna Mt. Humarap

Standing on the peak of mount Humarap the Tatlong Krus is well worth a visit even if you are not religious, because the view is breathtaking.

Tatlong Krus in English means three crosses. There used to be 3 wooden crosses stood at the site but in recent years they have been replaced with concrete crosses.

Mt. Humarap where Tatlong Krus stands is part of the Sierra Madre mountain range.

While the three crosses might have a special meaning to Christians, they are nothing special to a non-Christian. They are very basic concrete crosses with no outstanding features.

The view from Tatlong Krus

The reason a non-Christian would visit Tatlong Krus is simple, it is the fantastic view across Lake Laguna and looking down on the town of Paete.

It is one of them views that is so beautiful it takes your breath away, it also makes you realise just how small us humans are compared to the things nature made.

You are so high looking down on the town of Paete below makes it look like a model village.

Getting to Tatlong Krus Paete

Unless you have a motorbike or 3 wheeled vehicle like the Bajaj RE, Piaggio Ape or a TVS King getting to the Tatlong Krus Paete, Laguna is not going to be easy.

There is a narrow road that goes to the top and as you get closer to the top it turns into a narrow dirt track which is no suitable for cars. It is also no good thinking you will drive part of the way and walk the rest, as there is nowhere to park along the narrow road.

Your only option if you go by car is park in Paete and hike up to Tatlong Krus.

Find somewhere to park and then take a tricycle to Barangay. Ilaya Norte which is the starting point for the hike up to Tatlong Krus.

I have not tried hiking up to Tatlong Krus myself but I am told it is an exhausting hike, but not difficult. It will get your heart and lungs pumping, and leave your legs aching, so maybe if you are getting on in years and not very fit it might not be for you.

Tatlong Krus by Motorbike

Getting to Tatlong Krus by motorbike should be easy, but please take extreme care.

In places water from the mountain flows over the road for much of the year, which makes the road very slippery because of the slime that grows on the road.

There are many blind bends and steep drops off the side of the road. So do not speed, do not cut corners as you do not know what is round the bend.

Remember it is going to take a long time for you to get to a hospital on the narrow mountain roads.

Tatlong Krus by Tuk Tuk

I did it the easy way in my Bajaj RE (Tuk Tuk) and it was a beautiful and interesting drive to the top.

The Bajaj RE made easy work of the climb, the narrow roads and the dirt track were not a problem for the Tuk Tuk, even when meeting cars on the road I was able to squeeze past with no problem as it is so narrow.

For someone living in Paete owning a three-wheeler such as a Bajaj RE, Piaggio Ape or a TVS King could setup a good business if you offered a service for tourists driving them up to Tatlong Krus.

Tourists love Tuk Tuks as has been proven in Tagaytay where some of the drivers use them to give tours to the tourists, so I suspect such a service in Paete would do very well.

Avoid Easter at Tatlong Krus

I am informed that over Easter (Holy Week) Tatlong Krus and the trail up to it becomes very crowded, so unless you are going there to celebrate Holy Week it would be advisable to give it a miss that week.

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