1st September 1909

Baguio declared a Chartered City

By virtue of Act No. 1963 on the 1st September 1909 Baguio was declared a Chartered City. Baguio is in North Luzon, Philippines.

The city’s charter for Baguio was written by Justice George Malcolm under the direction of Governor General William Cameron Forbes.

In June 1900 the second Philippine commission arrived in Manila, it was led by William Howard Taft that under orders from Elihu Root whom was at the time American Secretary of War, to search for a cool place in Northern Luzon and develop it.

Most Americans troops and their administration at the time were quartered in Manila and were struggling with the heat. They clearly felt giving orders to commit genocide on the people of the Philippines was not easy in the heat of Manila and needed somewhere cooler to make such decisions. They also felt it was not good for the health of their administration.

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