12th April 1895

Inside a cave in Montalban Andres Bonifacio declared independence

Andres Bonifacio

Bonifacio declared Philippine independence for the first time in a cave called Pamitinan in now Rodriguez town in Rizal which at the time was called Montalban.

Earlier Bonifacio and a few others that included Pedro Zabala, Restituto Javier, Restituto Javier, Aurelio Tolentino, Aurelio Tolentino and Faustino Manalak went to find somewhere to hide in Rizal province which at that time was called Morong. This was in case the Spanish discovered the Katipunan.

They discovered the cave of Pamitinan in Montalban and also the cave of Makarok in Makarok and decided they were safe places to take refuge from the Spanish authorities. In these caves they held initiation rites for new members of the Katipunan.

Bonifacio used a piece of charcoal to write on the wall “Long live Philippine independence!”