14th April 1521

Magellan erected a wooden cross on the shores of Cebu

Magellan Cross

Ferdinand Magellan a Portuguese explorer serving the Spanish royalty erected a wooden cross on the shores of Cebu.

Magellan persuaded the chieftain of Cebu, Rajah Humabon, and his wife Queen Juana to form an alliance with Spain

This was probably the biggest mistake in Philippines history as it was the start of 368 years of Spanish rule.

Magellan also converted them to Catholicism which was the start of making the Philippines the most Catholic country in the world.

Rajah Humabon name was changed to Carlos in honour of King Carlos I of Spain.

The wooden cross erected that day marks the start of Christianity in the Philippines.

Today the same cross can be seen a small chapel that is like a gazebo and made of adobe and red tiles, on Magallanes street Cebu.