5th January 1899

President General Emilio Aguinaldo says he did not agree to American sovereignty of the Philippines

President General Emilio Aguinaldo

On the 5th January 1899 President General Emilio Aguinaldo made a public declaration in which he declared his opposition to the “Benovolent assimilation declaration” which was a reference to the policy of the United States towards the Philippines.

In the manifesto President General Emilio Aguinaldo said “I protest 1001 times with all the energy of my soul against such authority. I solemnly declare that neither in Singapore, Hongkong, nor here in the Philippines did I ever agree, by word or in writing, to recognize the sovereignty of America in this our lovely country”.

It came about after General Otis tried to trick Aguinaldo with an edited version of the “Benovolent assimilation declaration.”

The edited version had all mention of U.S. sovereignty removed from it.

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