8th August 1901

Lonoy Massacre also known as the Battle of Lonoy

American historians normally call it the Battle of Lonoy while in the Philippines it is more commonly called the Lonoy Massacre.

On the morning of March 8, 1901, the Filipino guerrillas were ambushed. Two American platoons attacked them from the rear while a platoon on each end of the pass blocked their way. There was nowhere to flee. They were totally caught by surprise. They were not to retaliate as they only had traditional Filipino weapons. The Americans shot and bayoneted them to death in the trenches and foxholes. They were shown no mercy by the American troops who had previously received orders not to take any prisoners. In the end, only seven survived out of the 413 men the other 406  were killed. Losses to the Americans just 3 dead and 10 wounded soldiers.