UK gives Filipino scientists P270 million in grants

newton agham

newton-aghamAsif Ahmad the to the Philippines gave a message to the Philippines business  community, “Stop just replicating and franchising foreign discoveries and invest in research”. The  gave the message during the announcement of the recipients of the Newton Agham Science Programme.

The Newton Agham fund was launched in 2014, the grants are co-funded by the British and the Department of Science and Technology, it is seen as a collaboration between Great Britain and the Philippines and the growing partnership between the two countries. The award is worth over  £4 million to the recipients.

Asif Ahmad  said: “It’s not just the UK providing the funding and the partners, it’s the Philippine government matching our funding and linking research, universities, institutes to identify programs, identify people, and get people to and do their work in the UK”.

The UK’s Medical Research Council will provide around £2.27 million for research on infectious diseases, including dengue, malaria and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.

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