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Watch UK TV in the Philippines

BBC iPlayer and ITV Player are the most popular online streaming sites in the UK. Over the years many Brits in the Philippines have asked us how to watch BBC iPlayer from abroad so we’ve put together a little guide to solving this common problem.

Most of you are in the Philippines but this will also work no matter where you in the world. Those of you who were born or spent any time in the UK will know that British TV is the best in the world.

Even if you weren’t born in the UK the UK has a reputation worldwide as offering some excellent TV shows.

No doubt you’ve tried to watch BBC iPlayer from abroad and found it blocked, well-read on, you’ll be surprised just how easy it is to access.

Watch British TV on Brits in the Philippines.

By far the easiest way is to watch it on this website.

Watch British TV live. 

How can I watch BBC iPlayer and ITV Player from the Philippines?

When visiting the Player site it checks your IP address to see what country you are in. An IP Address gives away your physical location. If you are not in the UK you will be blocked.


How to get a UK IP Address, 

To get a UK IP Address you need to use a service called a Virtual Private Network or VPN to give it its common shortened name. A VPN is a way of encrypting your internet connection and routing it via a different location. By doing so you assume the identity of that location and appear as if you’re somewhere else. This is all done for you by a simple piece of software you can download.

To watch BBC iPlayer abroad you need a VPN service that has a UK VPN server.

Note the BBC seems to be cracking down on VPNs some VPNs have been blocked




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