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The Welsh Deli Possibly the best British Food in the Philippines

The Welsh Deli brings a taste of Britain to the Philippines. They provide a range of British food that was not available in the Philippines before, such as British sausages, pies, hams and back bacon.

Everyone that has tried Welsh Deli products have nothing but praise for them, all their products are top quality and brings the taste of the UK to the Philippines.

The days of longing for a traditional British breakfast and not being able to find good sausages, bacon and black pudding are over.

At the Welsh Deli they are very help full and will even make things to your requirements.

Welsh Deli offers “Free Delivery” in some areas see map. Please don’t forget – You can order and have delivery of all our products ANYWHERE in the Philippines – but they will have to charge you the cost of delivery.

The free delivery region can easily be extended for larger orders please contact the Welsh Deli.

welsh deli delivery

If you are looking for good quality British food in the Philippines the Welsh deli is the place.  

Contact the Welsh Deli

The best way to contact the Welsh Deli is via their Facebook page. 

Welsh Deli Price list

correct at time of publishing, please check prices with the Welsh Deli when you order. 

Lincolnshire Pork Sausage Lincolnshire pork Sausage 500 pesos Per Kilo
Cumberland Pork Sausage Cumberland Pork Sausage 500 pesos Per Kilo
Leek and Stilton Pork Sausage Leek and Stilton Pork Sausage 600 pesos Per Kilo
Traditional Pork Sausage Traditional pork Sausage 500 pesos Per Kilo
Breakfast Pork Sausage Breakfast Pork Sausage 500 pesos Per Kilo
Hungarian Pork Sausage Hungarian Pork Sausage 600 pesos Per Kilo
Italian Pork Sausage Italian Pork Sausage 500 pesos Per Kilo
Irish Dubliner Pork Sausage Irish Dubliner Pork Sausage 500 pesos Per Kilo
BBQ Pork Sausage BBQ Pork Sausage 550 pesos Per Kilo
Firecracker Pork Sausage Firecracker Pork Sausage 600 pesos Per Kilo
Cracked Black Pepper Pork Sausage Cracked Black Pepper Pork Sausage 600 pesos Per Kilo
  Spanish hot Sausage 600 pesos Per Kilo
Cajun Pork Sausage Cajun Pork Sausage 600 pesos Per Kilo
  Lorne Sausage 600 pesos Per Kilo
Welsh Dragon Sausage Welsh Dragon Sausage 600 pesos Per Kilo
Pork and Apple Sausage Pork & Apple Sausage 600 pesos Per Kilo
  Pork Sausage Meat 450 pesos Per Kilo
  Pork Tenderlion Stuffed 500 pesos Per Kilo
  Ribeye Steak Australian 1550 pesos Per Kilo
  Tenderlion Steak 1550 pesos Per Kilo
  Tomahawk Steak 1800 pesos Per Kilo
  Lamb Shoulder (Bone-in) 800 pesos Per Kilo
  Lamb Rack 900 pesos Per Kilo
  Lamb Leg (Bone-in) 850 pesos Per Kilo
  Lamb Shank 450 pesos Per Kilo
  Extra Thick Cut Pork Chops 260 pesos Per Kilo
Original British Back Bacon Original British Back Bacon 500 pesos Per Kilo
Black Pudding Black Pudding 600 pesos Per Kilo
Scotch Eggs Scotch Egg 150 pesos Each
Traditional Pork Pie Traditional Pork Pie (Large) 75 pesos Each
Cornish Pasties Cornish Pasty 75 pesos Each
Beef and Mushroom Pie Beef & Mushroom Pie 75 pesos Each
  Minced Beef Pie 75 pesos Each
Beef Pie Beef Pie 75 pesos Each
Steak and Kidney Pie Steak & Kidney Pie 75 pesos Each
  Chicken Pie 65 pesos Each
Apple pie Shepherds pie 100 pesos Each
  Apple Pie 75 pesos Each
Gammon Gammon 700 pesos Per Kilo
Ham Joint Uncooked Ham Joint (Uncooked) 650 pesos Per Kilo
  Ham 700 pesos Per Kilo
Honey Roast Ham Honey Roast Ham 700 pesos Per Kilo
  Pigs in Blanket (Bacon) 25 pesos Each
  Pigs in Blanket (Pastry) 25 pesos Each
 Traditional Sausage Rolls Sausage Rolls (Large) 60 pesos Each

Welsh Deli Reviews 


So far everything I have tried from Welsh Deli has been first class. Sausage rolls are fantastic, as are the beef pies, the bacon is as good as I ever tasted in the UK.


First saw the photo’s and it all looked good, so I went shopping, black pudding first on the list then different types of sausages and PORK pie’s, received a message that it was sent, I received later in the day and I live in south Cotabato, everything was still very cool, sorted it all out and was tucking into the PORK pie within 20 min’s, close my eye’s I was back in Blighty, the taste is bliss, good pastry and filled with very tasty meat. only one word for the pie, UNBEATABLE. will be trying the rest over the next few days


How excited am I to have been referred to Welsh Deli by my friend Bob !!!
The bacon is by far the best you will get in Manila if not the entire Philippines. We also had the Meat Pie and the Chicken and Mushroom Pie – again fantastic.
This is the best value for money you will get and the Service by Roy is excellent.


So happy we found out about the Welsh Deli. Ordering and delivery were smooth and the food was delicious. We are big fans of the pies and welsh dragon sausages, can’t wait to try the bacon next.


Delivery just made bang on time. Just the look of the food had me snacking on a sausage roll and pork pie straight away.
I had heard great things from friends but didn’t want to get my hopes up and end up disappointed.
OMG – it was just like being back in the UK – unbelievable good and far surpassed all expectations. So happy I have found this service – I will be trying the sausages later 🙂
Many thanks for making this a great morning


I received my first order last Sunday and sincere congratulations on the quality, my Dubliner sausages were melt in the mouth good, the back rashers just perfect as were the beef pies. The pork pies were delicious with a side salad and I will continue to spread the word and will be placing further orders for myself. Thank you Roy.


Shipped everything from Manila to dipolog and it was all perfect when it arrived. Can’t recommend Welsh deli highly enough


Tried the pork pie just like home, back bacon spot on wish I had ordered more. The sausage rolls were fantastic even my better half thought they were very good
Just looking to order more as supplies are running out.


Real English bacon 10/10. Traditional Sausages 10/10. I am fussy when it comes to food. Can only imagine how good the hams will be. Hope they can handle the orders from our Restaurant soon.


The scotch are lovely my partner loved it. Sausage rolls are to die for.


Got my first order today and am very impressed. Tried the Cumberland sausage and they are the best I have tatsed here in 20 years. The delivery was bang on time, a hell of a good service


Yummy sausages and great service. Have been looking for sausages forever here and these meet my expectations. Needed to hide them from my daughter because I didn’t want to share lol. Looks like I will be a regular customer. Thanks for that taste of home.


Wonderful quality meat products, great value, fab sausages, yummy pork pie and now discovered I can get steak and lamb too….and all delivered by a lovely fella, thanks Roy!


The service is first class the same goes for Roy’s Bakery Pie’s same goes for all produces smashing you cant find better


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